• Kovise Foundation Chamber Of Agriculture

    "Learning to do, Doing to Learn, Living to Serve For Those Who Work in Acres"


Agricultural Education

Imparting traditional and scientific knowledge in agriculture practices from production to marketing of agriculture products with intervention of innovative technology and legal adaptability wherever applicable.


KFCOA member networks thrives as a way to pool ideas, exchange perspectives, offer moral and technical support, and share resource leads with each other.

Market-Led Agriculture

Adopting new farming approaches involving productivity to profitability, subsistence to commercial agriculture, local market to export market, mono cropping to crop diversity and so on.

Agriculture Arbitration

Opting Arbitration for dispute resolution in Agriculture commodity and trade.


KOVISE Foundation is an abbreviation of Knowledge, Vision and Social Empowerment Foundation.

The emergence of KOVISE Foundation is to disseminate Knowledge and impart a vision in human minds and thereby brings out social empowerment in our rural society

The founder member Mrs. Surya Narmada Inbavijayan, a Horticulture/Arbitration Consultant and Govt.Registered Valuer, had foreseen the importance of awareness and advisory service in rural sectors which leads to the emergence of this foundation.

Our foundation encompasses professionals from various fields to disseminate knowledge and train and bring awareness to the people in their respective fields in relation to Rural Development and Nature and Environment.

This will impart an effective positive approach on the mindset of public and thereby a silent approach for empowerment of the rural society.

‘The ultimate goal of KFCOA
is to render services to the farmers under a roof

Kovise Foundation Chamber of Agriculture

Disseminating knowledge in our tradition agriculture, food and culture through the process of lab to land services.

Educating the public about importance of agriculture and rural development activities

Assisting farmers to acquire managerial skills

Helping marginal farmers to adopt improved production technologies for higher incomes.

Training farmers in market-led agriculture.

Linking farmers to markets

KFCOA (Kovise Foundation Chamber of Agriculture) presently aims for Pan-India platform creation for farming entities to do smart farming and to attain self-sufficiency.

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