Training sessions in utility and aesthetic horticulture is based on psychic wellbeing as well as health care and revitalizing system of the new millennium. The present life in the fast land keeps every person off the track due to the enhanced rate of stress and anxiety in day to day life. The distorted perception in a smaller degree clouds the psyche of every person and destabilizes the being from the poise and equilibrium. The feeling of clumsiness borne out of such moments pervade the psychic environ and makes a person miserable. Be it school children or the executive of a corporate office, everyone is subjected to different shades of psychological pressure and the life becomes a burden instead of a joy and celebration. Further the prevailing life style put the human being in turmoil rather than positive development. Changing food habits brings a great effect in human wellbeing. Our training programmes emphasise the importance of sustainable wellbeing which can be practised using sustainable gardening and farming techniques and thereby imbibing sustainable life style.

Farming is a way of living and it is closely playing a significant role in our lifestyle directly or indirectly. Farming techniques can be adopted based on the nature of land and various other factors. The basic concept of farming can be imbibed by understanding the various dimension of science related to soil, climate, water, engineering, management etc. Farming is a scientific art and if we are strong in the basic science of farming, the art can be performed without any hurdle. Gradually farming can be converted to business model with working out budgeting and finance. Our lecture is based on the above said information in a holistic approach by providing information on various agriculture practices.

KOVISE FOUNDATION training programmes introduce the idea of sustainability through various courses in a Pedagogy Model to gain entry into the psyche, manifest an association with the very being, restore the poise and balance and bring back the rhythm and harmony to the individual. It has the capability to heighten the awareness and widen the consciousness in a meditative way.

List of Courses:

  1. Therapeutic Horticulture/Horticulture Therapy
  2. Pragmatic Approach on Home Gardening Techniques
  3. Pragmatic Approach on Market Gardening Techniques
  4. Basic Concepts of Aesthetic Horticulture
  5. Art of Native Landscapes
  6. Basic Concepts in Farm Management and Compliance
  7. Good Agriculture Practices
  8. Toxic Free Farming Technology
  9. Life Style Modification and Importance of Consuming Non Adulterant Food
  10. Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms in Agriculture Industry
  11. Building a Rural Landscape with Sustainable Smart Village Concept
  12. Nursery Technology
  13. Establishment of Farmer Groups
  14. Direct Marketing Techniques of Farmers Products
  15. Any other topic of relevance

Schemes and Levels of Training Programmes:

We are providing training programmes for each course at various schemes viz Corporate Sector Scheme, Social Sector Scheme, Student's Scheme and One to One Scheme. In each scheme we are introducing various level of training programmes to inculcate step by step knowledge gaining process. The various level of training programme are the following:

  • Introductory/Preparatory Training - It provides basic knowledge and practical understanding of the topic. It involves lecture cum discussion and can be provided for a group of 20-25 persons and the duration is two hours
  • Intermediary Training - It provides an in depth understanding of the concepts of the topic and related issues. It involves lecture, discussion and demonstration where ever applicable and can be provided for a group of 12-15 persons and the duration is six hours
  • Advanced Training - It provides an opportunity to the trainee to explore complex aspects of the concepts of the topic as applied to real world scenario. It involves lecture cum discussion and facilitating the trainee to get hands on experience on the topic by involving himself in a case study or project and can be provided for a group of 10 persons and the duration is ten hours.


NO Particulars Amount in INR
CORPORATE SECTOR SCHEME (Bank, Business Houses, Hotels and Hospitals)
1 Introductory/Preparatory Training 25,000/-
2 Intermediary Training 50,000/-
3 Advanced Training 1,00,000/-
SOCIAL SECTOR SCHEME (NGOs, Service Clubs and Welfare Associations)
1 Introductory/Preparatory Training 20,000/-
2 Intermediary Training 40,000/-
3 Advanced Training 80,000/-
STUDENT'S SCHEME (Schools and Colleges)
1 Introductory/Preparatory Training 15,000/-
2 Intermediary Training 30,000/-
3 Advanced Training 60,000/-
1 Introductory/Preparatory Training 1500/-
2 Intermediary Training 4500/-
3 Advanced Training 7500/-

Bank Details

Name Bank Name Bank Account Number IFSC code Account Type Branch Address
Kovise foundation KARUR VYSYA BANK 1769135000000501 KVBL0001769 Current Account No.4/24, Thiruvalluvar Salai, Ramapuram, Chennai - 600089, Tamil Nadu

Terms and Conditions

  • Expenses on travel and accommodation of the trainer, venue and training materials has to be taken care by the organising body
  • GST (18%) is applicable wherever necessary
  • Mode of Payment – Through online gateway or direct bank transfer along with registration
  • Participatory Training certificate can be issued
  • Training schedule has to be informed to the trainer 10 days before the training date
  • As we encourage need based pedagogy, syllabus on topics can be finalised by the organiser in consulting with the trainer


KFCOA (Kovise Foundation Chamber of Agriculture) presently aims for Pan-India platform creation for farming entities to do smart farming and to attain self-sufficiency.

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